About TollDB

Various small molecules have been pharmacologically characterized in different assays against TLRs. The main goal of TollDB is to systematically present available information about tested compounds and related pharmacological assays. In these assays, not only cytokines were tested but also other kind of assay readout like binding affinity, expression of downstream protein was measured, the number of assay conditions for each assay readout were shown in the following figure for TollDB.

TollDB offers a user-friendly interface for querying and browsing reported TLR ligands and related assays. It contains 2155 unique small compounds with experimentally confirmed activity toward different TLRs. The number of reported molecules targeting each specific TLR subtype is summarized in the following figure.

Chemical space of TollDB compared with DrugBank is represented as log P versus moleuclar weight shown in the following figure. TollDB will increase researchers’ understanding towards TLR ligands and lay a foundation for further data-driven studies, as well as new drug discovery.